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6 Sneaky Behaviors that Drain Your Energy & How to Change Them

Do you even know why you feel exhausted at the end of most days? Many people are unaware of unconscious habits that sap their energy. By developing mindfulness around common habits, you can learn to change those depleting behaviors and maintain more energy and vitality. In short: You can do more with less effort. Here are six patterns of behavior worth changing:


Simply said, we think too much. Thoughts control and influence feelings and undermine our well-being. We tend to falsely interpret reality because our emotional lens blocks us from seeing things as they are. Overthinking subconsciously requires effort and energy. The Solution: Give yourself permission to take a break from thinking and engaging with your emotions. Really! Taking a “time out” from pressures, tensions, and worries, whether through meditation, a conscious pause or a few deep, full breaths will help return you to center and conserve your energy.


Like many women, I used to pride myself on multitasking. I believed that I could jump from project to project effectively. The truth is multitasking is an energy waster. Shifting from one focus to another uses up precious energy during those milliseconds. The Solution: It's far more productive and energy-saving to focus on one thing at a time. Most men are wired to mono-focus naturally. Have you ever tried asking a guy a question when he’s focused on a football game or on a stock market trade? He isn’t ignoring you (although it feels that way), he’s concentrating on the one thing in front of him and nothing else. He doesn’t even hear the question because all of his senses are focused in one direction.


This is a biggie. Quality, consistent sleep is critical for the body and mind to function properly. Lack of sleep can contribute to brain fog, poor decision-making abilities, and weight gain. Need I go on?! The Solution: A pre-sleep routine is vital to wind down at the end of the day and calm the nervous system. Avoid digital devices which emit blue light that mimics daylight and can be stimulating. Try relaxation techniques to quiet your mind. Keeping consistent sleep hours can also help ensure you get sufficient shut-eye.


Eating processed or sugary foods might feel comforting in the moment but the energy crash is real. TheSolution: Fuel your body with nutrient-rich foods and prepare healthy snacks in advance so you aren't tempted to reach for junk. Instead of power drinks or coffee, have a green juice; instead sugar-based treats, try a handful of nuts and dried fruit for a snack that amps up your energies instead of depleting them.


Experiences from the past, especially traumatic ones, can infect the present by creating energy-zapping reactions when you’re triggered and old patterns surface. For instance, a client of mine disliked a particular teacher which, in turn, affected her performance in class. We discovered that the teacher reminded this client of her sister with whom she had a very conflicted relationship. TheSolution: Awareness of repetitive behaviors is the first step in dismantling those automatic reactions. Mindfulness can help us recognize the past and not get stuck in old stories or patterns. Live in the now. Embrace new experiences and people without labeling them because of the past.


An enormous energy vampire can come from being around toxic people. Entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time around.” If you’re behaving in ways that don't reflect your goals or values, it's worth examining the company you keep. TheSolution: Create boundaries and cultivate new, more optimistic, supportive, and encouraging relationships. If those negative people are family members, you can still create a healthy distance.

You know the motto: More Action, Less Blablablabla.



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