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Cooking class

Creativity is a super power 

From a very young age one of his great passions has been cooking and this has contributed to the success of my programs, since my clients can enjoy the creativity, versatility, practicality and good taste of my menus and recipes. 

I am always innovating in food, I am not afraid of the new, I am always in search of new ingredients, flavors and textures.

"If you think that vegetables taste bad, that they are boring, that you are hungry, that they do not look appetizing ..... Then I tell you that until the sun today you have NOT learned to cook them." 

My kitchen vision is practical:

simple, tasty, seasonal, local and REAL.

#LBBBKITCHEN aims to teach you to change your vision of boring vegetables for vegetables with a look so sexy and provocative that you end up falling in love with them.

If there is something that all diets in the world have in common, it is the consumption of vegetables. Vegetables are LIFE !!! It does not matter if you are vegan or not, these classes will allow you to expand your repertoire, learn about real ingredients, learn to combine different foods, cook with different techniques, chop different textures, balance flavors, nutritionally maximize your dishes, know what your proteins and fats are. and carbohydrates, as well as how to digest them better.

Above all, I educate and teach how to live this lifestyle and enjoy good food.

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