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About me

My vision

One of my missions is to sow awareness. I faithfully believe that changes in the world, in the surroundings and in each of the minds DO NOT happen by chance.  


Changes, Transformations and Growth come from the hand of hard work, commitment and a good seed of hope and illusion in the mind. I help my clients achieve a healthy life through a balanced plant - based diet, stress management techniques, personal growth and above all educated and taught how to live this lifestyle and enjoy good meal. My motto is More Action, #less_blablabla


My name is Ivette Obregón

I am an Expert Holistic Coach in Plant-Based Nutrition, Hormonal Health and Stress Management. Founder of the Less Bla bla bla (LBBB) movement.  

I am a Venezuelan, living in Austin, lover of animals and nature, dancer for fun, chef for art and coach for passion.

I am in charge of debunking taboos about diets and other myths of the health industry on a daily basis, I support NOT eating meat, caring for the planet and living a freer, less systematic and out of the box life.

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