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Let's Bring Back Balance

Next dates to be announced

LBBB detox is a comprehensive program created in order to help you understand and listen to your body, so that you learn how to optimize it, get the best of it without so much effort, that you reestablish the connection with your body, mind and spirit and finally live together in harmony.

For 21 days I will be your coach and guide you to discover that if it is possible to improve your health through a conscious and plant-based diet, at the same time you will realize that a detox is not only about food but also about a energetic and spiritual cleansing.

What is this program about?


The first element consists of an elimination diet where we eliminate the following from our diet: meat, fish, chicken and all animal products such as milk, butter, yogurt, eggs, caffeine, alcohol, gluten, corn, nightshades (tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, potatoes - specific for those with skin problems), soy and refined sugar.


Nurture mind and spirit

The second element is a mental and spiritual cleansing, through this process, the mind and spirit will be nourished, as this is as important as the physical detoxification of the body. This will allow you to overcome old patterns and at the end of the day, the body does what the mind says! That is why this program also makes sure to energetically align yourself with YOUR higher SELF, inside and out.



The third element is sustainability, the ability to maintain and maintain the changes you have made.


I accompany you in the process

My Let's Bring Back Balance program will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Helps rid your body of accumulated toxins effectively. 

  • It fills you with energy. 

  • Say goodbye to cravings and vices like sugar, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol. 

  • Lower that fat that you have been trying to eliminate for years. 

  • Say goodbye to headaches and body aches. 

  • Say goodbye to depression, anxiety and stress.

  • You leave sadness behind and you begin to live full and happy. 

  • Improve the appearance of your skin, hair and nails. 

  • Helps rid your body of accumulated toxins effectively.

  • Learn to live on a plant-based diet

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